MacGillvray Freeman Films, the producer of 40 films, two Academy Award nominations, the highest-grossing documentary of all time, and the kings of IMAX offered our client a unique opportunity, The Arizona Office of Tourism was given the chance to create a video promoting Arizona that would play right before MacGillvray Freeman presents National Park Adventure in IMAX. SMG was asked to create this video.


SMG is very familiar with the diversity of Arizona’s National Parks and Monuments. The team also knew we needed to do something more than fast cuts to music if we wanted Arizona to shine.


SMG wrote the script, found the voice talent and produced a video that highlighted the diversity of the Grand Canyon State. The project was called Wander and Wonder. We not only highlighted Arizona’s beauty but also the outdoor adventures that can be found around every corner. The project resembled a movie trailer for a documentary about Arizona.


  • Our client Arizona Office of Tourism calls this one of its most successful projects.
  • The venues in California, Minnesota and Chicago asked to extend the run of Wander and Wonder.
  • Audience focus groups following the IMAX feature were surprised by Arizona’s diversity, interested in Arizona as a travel destination and walked away with a highly favorable view of the Grand Canyon State.