The State of Arizona was presented an amazing opportunity to promote the Grand Canyon State to a National audience. With just a ten-day turn around, no script, no concept and no talent, the odds were stacked against us.


SMG works with both the Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Office of Tourism. We know and understand the differences and parity between their distinctive brands. In tight situations like the Play/Stay commercial, you need smart communicators and a creative and strategic team who understands tight deadlines without sacrificing quality to get the job done on time and on budget. There is no one size fits all project.


SMG came up with the concept, the script, the “talent,” and pulled together the right crew to make what some would consider impossible, possible. The project was shot over 3 days with 2 crews. The commercial was approved by both state agencies and the governor’s office on the first pass. Play/Stay was delivered to CNN on time and on budget.


  • 65.6 Million viewers saw the Play Stay commercial spot.
  • The television spot was well received; call to action website received
  • 200,000 visits during and immediately after the National debate.