APS Arts


Arizona Public Service Company (APS) is Arizona’s largest electric utility and the principal of S&P 500 Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. A strong Arizona economy is important to the leadership of APS and the strength of Arizona’s economy depends on business relocation, expansion and start-ups. Companies looking to relocate want quality of life for their employees that include a robust and diverse arts and culture scene. APS wanted to give the state’s economic development agencies a tool to attract business by using arts and culture as a catalyst. That’s when they brought SMG into the mix.


SMG CEO Robin Sewell is very involved with the arts community. In addition, the SMG team regularly collaborates on projects with city and state economic development agencies. The knowledge of the arts community, the relationship with community, business leaders and tech CEOs and being great storytellers gave APS the confidence to hire SMG for this project.


A video that tells the story of Phoenix’s vibrant and culturally diverse arts scene and the impact it has made on existing businesses. SMG enlisted the help of some local tech CEOs to tell the story how Phoenix’s vibrant art scene has become part of their company culture. We reached out to leaders at ASU to explain how the university, tech companies and our arts institutions have created a thriving innovation district. We put together a think tank of people from various sectors to better understand their needs and objectives they wanted to accomplish.


  • 5 economic development agencies using video as a business attraction tool
  • Tech CEO target audience gave favorable feedback
  • Additional phases ordered for a deeper dive such as Phoenix hosting an arts/business summit and additional videos.