Celebrate AZ


During the economic downturn, Sewell Media Group knew tenuous times called for action. It needed to be something BIG! We needed to find a way to connect and create new conversations between struggling communities and community-minded corporations and agencies. Sewell Media Group’s big idea? Celebrate Arizona, a grass roots town hall event with a panel platform where ideas could blossom. Celebrate Arizona was designed as a strategic co-branding opportunity between the US Government, State and corporations. This successful private/public partnership elevates these companies and agencies while applauding the independent spirit, ingenuity and success stories found in these Arizona communities.


Economists were predicting a very bleak immediate future for the Grand Canyon State, but SMG saw innovative ideas brewing in these regions and knew that with a little help and collaboration, these ideas could help the economy. The Arizona Highways Television sponsors were looking for new ways to get involved with these communities and SMG had the answer.


SMG created a grassroots town hall event called Celebrate Arizona. The idea was to bring regional community leaders together to help connect some dots, start a conversation and make a personal connection to these corporations and state and federal agencies that support Arizona Highways Television. These events included breakfast, a panel discussion and a Q and A session.

The events continue today across the state because SMG knows if we take inventory of our local assets, focus on what is positive in our communities, and are open to collaboration, we will attract new businesses and create emerging economic sectors. We know this to be true because of the outcome of Celebrate Arizona.


  • 4 regional economic development organizations formed
  • 8 public school programs saved
  • 5 Corporate sponsorships for struggling arts organizations
  • 3 emerging economic sectors
  • 4 Federal Grants
  • 14 State grants

Video Courtesy of Pinal County Arizona Government