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The Arizona Highways TV Story

It all started with one “brilliant” idea, to create a television show spin-off of the iconic award- winning Arizona Highways magazine. Sewell pitched the idea to the publisher who said the magazine just didn’t have the money to invest in such a venture. Robin didn’t back down. In a matter of months, she got the funding by creating a private, public partnership between the State of Arizona and community minded corporations. 

In addition, Robin put together statewide distribution in both English and Spanish. In 2004, Sewell Media Group premiered Arizona’s very first statewide syndicated television show shot in High Definition which now also runs on two stations in three markets and can be found on multiple streaming platforms.

Robin knew Arizona Highways Television was entertaining and beautiful to watch, but she didn’t know it would make such a major impact on the communities, businesses and people featured on the show. 

A few days after the first episode aired, the owner of Heritage Hats called to say his phone rang nonstop for 3 days after the story on his shop ran in the show and people were driving in from all over the state to visit his store. We continue to get this feedback every week as people rely on Arizona Highways TV as their guide to the Grand Canyon state.

The one question Robin is asked most often is, are you afraid of running out of stories? Her answer is simply put. “Arizona Highways magazine has been writing stories about this amazing state for close to 100 years so we have some major catching up to do.”

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